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  Peter Bui   27 Feb 2023   5 min
Why Alone Time is Essential for our Wellbeing

Peter Bui - In the modern era, people are more social than ever. Hangouts, parties, festivals, and these multitudes of packed gatherings occur all the time. However, socializing constantly and not spending some time by yourself can be pretty straining. Human beings, even the most social extroverts, need some time alone for mental health and overall wellbeing.

  Emma Ylagan   28 Jan 2023   5 min
Social Skills and Mental Health

Emma Ylagan - Causing the inability to recognize the faces you see everyday, face blindness is a rare, but difficult disorder to live with. Learn about this neurological disorder and what the challenges of living with it are like.

  Rita Lai   10 Dec 2022   5 min
How Daniel Got Into Columbia University

Rita Lai - As an incoming freshman at Columbia University majoring in biochemistry, Daniel Moon has already lived through the grueling experience of highschool and college admissions. He hopes that he can provide insight for anyone currently going through the application process.

  Peter Bui   18 Jun 2022   3 min
Benefits of Coffee

Peter Bui - Coffee. A refreshing beverage enjoyed by millions around the world among almost every age group. While in the past coffee has not been on the side of science, newer research shows that in moderation coffee can actually be pretty beneficial!

  Vova Prylepa   11 Jun 2022   5 min
How does electricity work?

Vova Prylepa - Learn about the production of electricity, as well as some key components of circuits to understand one of the most essential resources of our time.

  Jessica Chung   01 Jun 2022   5 min
Liquid magnetic telescopes

Jessica Chung - As the field of astrophysics continues to expand and we attempt to peer into the far reaches of the universe, one new technology is starting to prove its worth —— liquid magnetic telescopes, whose surfaces can be altered in real time. When we can manipulate the physical technology in our hands, a universe of possibilities opens up.

  Vova Prylepa   22 May 2022   5 min
Zombies exist… careful, you might have one inside of you!

Vova Prylepa - Learn about why viruses are so dangerous for us, as well as about the key characteristics of the most dangerous viruses out there and different types of treatment.

  Peter Bui   15 May 2022   5 min
Social Skills and Mental Health

Peter Bui - In this day and age, it’s important to maintain good mental health. Are social skills a primary factor in achieving good mental health?

  Emma Ylagan   22 Apr 2022   5 min
The basic concepts of quantum computers

Emma Ylagan - This article breaks down the fundamental ideas behind quantum computing, including what a qubit is, superposition, and quantum entanglement.

  Denzel Galang   02 Oct 2021   5 min
The environmental impacts of fast fashion

Denzel Galang - Fast fashion, despite being such a big part of the clothing industry, is a lose-lose situation for both the environment and its consumers due to its cheap methods and shortcuts.