Starting a Chapter

What are InterSTEM chapters?

Chapters are semi-independent branches of InterSTEM. All chapters will participate in the central InterSTEM initiatives of blogging and tutoring, but will be given the freedom to pursue other events, such as a research program, speaker series, podcast, etc. By default, chapter boundaries within the United States are set as the city or county in which the applicant resides. Exceptions can be made upon request through contacting the executive board; each case will be reviewed independently. International chapter boundaries can be defined by the applicant within reason: all international chapters must encompass at least one city/region/province and must be contained within one nation. Additionally, international chapters should only be created in areas where there is a significant English-speaking population, or if there are multiple foreign/international schools in the region.

Who can start a chapter?

All high school students are invited to start a chapter, as long as there is not already a chapter in your area! See above for existing chapters.

Why should I start a chapter?

If you are interested in spreading STEM in your community, whether through establishing a peer homework help system or educating students on various STEM opportunities, starting an InterSTEM chapter is always a great idea! In addition to accessing a 2000+ member base, all of our chapters receive a wealth of valuable resources and support from the organization, ranging from starter guides for hosting STEM events to 24/7 support on Discord for any questions or concerns a chapter may face. Unlike other similar organizations, InterSTEM believes in fostering a close relationship between the executive leadership and chapter boards rather than granting complete independence, as we have seen through experience that the most successful chapters are those that receive ample guidance.

How many people do I need to start a chapter?

You can start a chapter by yourself! After filling out the application and meeting with our CEO, we will help you recruit your chapter board and initial members