InterSTEM Summer Research Program 2021

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The InterSTEM Summer Research Program (ISRP) is a ten-week science and engineering program designed to introduce high school students to the entire scientific research process. Combining the expertise of accomplished high school researchers and university professors, ISRP will provide students with experience in reviewing scientific literature, creating and refining a specific research proposal, and delivering oral and written presentations on their findings. ISRP is a great opportunity for high school students to gain their first experience in college-level research, and does not expect prospective students to have any research experience

  • Application Opens: Thursday, April 15th
  • Application Closes: Saturday, May 15th (11:59 PST)

  • Eligibility: all high school students
    (grades 9 - 12)

  • Program Length: 10 weeks

InterSTEM Research Journal for 2021 Summer Session

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Nitya Bomma

I finished 9th grade in New Jersey. Recently moved to India, where I will finish 10th grade. I love reading, and drawing. I been learning classical dance for a long time but am looking to branch out sometime. Currently in India, I am taking the IGCSE curriculum for the rest of 10th, if I stay in India after finishing, I want to apply for the IB curriculum. If I return to the States, I hope to continue my high school there. Either way, I want to go to college in the U.S. and pursue a career in science.
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Julia Ding

Julia is a rising junior from Texas interested in all things STEM, more specifically mathematics/statistics and computer science. She's passionate about bridging educational and gender gaps and enjoy giving back to the community! In her free time, she enjoys playing the cello, puzzling out fun math problems, competing in hackathons, and making bad puns. Having served as an elected student council officer for three years, she prides herself in being heavily involved in her school community. She also particularly enjoys leading her school's Hack Club, Women in Computer Science Club, as well as Mu Alpha Theta.
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Luca Ferrecho

My name is Luca Ferrucho and I have a deep interest in the engineering field, specifically as it relates to electronics/computers. In particular I like to connect the world of robotics together with the world of programming to automate engineering processes. My hobbies include participating in the Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society, Astronaut Team, SGA, BRACE Cadet program, and Debate Team within my high school. Besides that I continue to express my engineering interest through the organization Robotics For All as a curriculum intern. Outside of school, I like to play soccer, code using new languages, watch TV, and play video games.
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Dayun Jin

Hello, I am a rising sophomore from Northwood High School. I am a member of the Physics club at my high school. Next year, I plan on joining more clubs, including the Machine Learning and Astronomy club. In general, I am interested in practically every STEM topics. I find physics to be especially interesting, although Genetics, Artificial Intelligence, and Math are also very fascinating topics as well. If I continue to be interested in physics, I wish to become a theoretical physicist who works as a researcher, or a physics teacher. Sports that I would either want to watch or play are basketball, table tennis, and other racquet sports.
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Nikhil Kulkarni

Hello! My name is Nikhil Kulkarni, and I am a rising junior at Symbiosis School in Nashik, India. I am very fond of math, CS and interdisciplinary topics in STEM such as discrete math, theoretical CS, biostatistics, exobiology, and econometrics. My hobbies include reading sci-fi series and novels, listening to music and I am also a budding author! I love to convey my perspective of complicated phenomena in simple language to a general audience. I am part of many organisations, both local as well as global. I am also co-organising a TEDxYouth event later this year! As for sports, I find chess to be a nice activity whenever I cannot concentrate. I wish to pursue research in an interdisciplinary topic in STEM.
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Evelyn Lee

Evelyn Lee is a student from Erindale Secondary School who absolutely adores learning, science, fantasy, and giving back to the community. Her favourite sports include swimming and running, but she's also getting into skateboarding too. Her specific interests include the bio technologies field, something she aspires to pursue in the future. Aside from academics, Evelyn loves the arts, especially visual arts and music. Some of her favourite music artists range from Arctic Monkeys to The Living Tombstone. Evelyn is very active within her school community, she participates in clubs such as Model United Nations, Believe Leadership Course, DECA, and more.
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Stina Mei

Hi! My name is Stina Mei. I am currently a student at Millennium Brooklyn High School, going into my senior year in September. In terms of STEM-related interests, I enjoy learning about biological sciences and also psychology, which are two branches that build off the other. I was always fascinated with how the human body and mind worked. That being said, as I grew up, I was still unsure of what I wanted to do in the future. I am set on pursuing something in the field of sciences but have not narrowed it down yet. In terms of personal hobbies, I spend my free time practicing piano, reading, watching anime, and playing Minecraft with my friends and my younger sister.
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Aanjneya Moudgil

As a child, I would often daydream about becoming a software developer. And here I am, as a high school junior, progressing towards my goal. Computer Science is one of the most interesting subjects for me, the other being accounting. Reading books and listening to music are my favourite pastimes. I am an avid enjoyer of soccer, which acts as a major source of rejuvenation for me. For five years, I have played cricket, representing my school and city in the meantime. I plan to pursue my higher education at a top university abroad.

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Julia Nwodeki

Hello! My name is Julia Nwokedi and I’m a rising junior from Houston, Texas. My core STEM interests include astrophysics and aerospace engineering, and a background in computer science. On the side, I play the viola, study Korean, and enjoy reading and drawing. I plan to major in Mechanical Engineering, hopefully at a top university like Rice University. Afterwards, I am interested in pursuing a career at NASA or a similar space agency. I am very excited to be a part of this research program and I hope to conduct quality research assignments and open the pathway for more research opportunities.
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Shubhi Verma

Hi! I'm Shubhi Verma! I was born in India, however, I lived in Tampa, Florida for most of my life. I'm currently a rising junior in high school in India. I find aeronautical sciences and astrophysics quite interesting! I think that going to a STEM based middle magnet school catered a lot to my growing interest in these fields. Apart from that, I recently have gotten into Computer Sciences and Python and Java programming as well. Now coming to my leisure activities, I would say that dance is the biggest one in this category. However for me, dance isn't just a leisure activity, it's one of my strongest passions. I have been dancing since I was 8 years old, and I've trained in Bollywood, Classical, Hiphop, and Jazz Junk styles. My favourite would be jazz funk because this style enables me to feel most like myself. I've trained from the Arya Dance Academy, The Danceworx Mumbai and Nritya Shakti Mumbai.
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