InterSTEM Research Program 2022-2023

The InterSTEM Research Program (IRP) is a student-run research program designed to encourage academically motivated high school students to share a platform in which they can conduct scientific research on various topics, including biology, physics, and machine learning. Consisting of multiple teams of 5-6 students, IRP serves as a valuable opportunity for students to collaboratively work on projects and develop practical skillset pertaining to research. No prior research experience is needed in order to participate.

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InterSTEM Research Journal for 2022-2023 Spring Session

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the acceptance rate? Acceptance rate depends on the amount of applications received, which slightly fluctuates between the school year and summer program. For school year sessions, the acceptance rate is around 45%. For summer sessions, the acceptance rate is slightly lower at 40%.

I have never conducted scientific research. Should I apply? Yes! The research program directors do not expect you to have had any prior research experience and will assume that this is your first research project throughout the program. The program curriculum will teach you every step of the research process, from brainstorming research questions to data visualization.

What is the time commitment? Students should expect to spend at least 5 hours a week on independent research, in addition to attending all mandatory individual and group meetings. The most successful students will likely devote even more time to their projects.

Is there an application fee? No.

Is there any program fee? No, aside from any (completely optional) research materials you may choose to purchase.

  • Application Opens: May 30th
  • Application Closes: September 30th

  • Eligibility: all high school students
    (grades 9 - 12)