Scientist I Follow

Parimugdha Rout. 02/13/2021

Science is the one way of looking at the universe. Inventions govern our life. At every stage, we are dependent on unique inventions and discoveries. The goal of a scientist is to understand how the universe functions in very specific ways, and to use that understanding to make successful predictions. Thanks to the work of thousands of scientists, we can predict what will happen if we drop something, or run electricity through it, or mix it with something else. Science has proved useful to us because we depend on technology to live our lives.

There are many great scientists in the world who changed the way people live. Benjamin Franklin’s lightning rod, William Crookes’ tube, Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, Archimedes’ screw, and many more who are on and going to be on the pages of history to help us in very different ways. From the gaggle of scientists, Thomas Alva Edison’s life, inventions, and dedication to his work inspired me deeply because he created many useful innovations and received a total of 1,093 patents. Edison was dedicated to his restless and endless work. He was partially deaf but took that as ain advantage. It helped him be more focused on his work and undisturbed.

Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Maliar, Ohio to Samuel and Nancy Edison. At the age of 13, he took a job as a newsboy and by the time Edison was 16, he was proficient enough to work as a telegrapher full time. In Boston at the time of 1869, Edison began to change his profession from telegrapher to inventor and he started to invent. It stimulates my mind that at any point of life I can follow my dreams or passion of being what I want to be. His successful inventions include the phonograph and the motion picture. Later, Edison created an electric light bulb that lasted for a really long time. This man invented loads of inventions that made him very famous, but not all of them were successful.At this point I learned I shouldn't be disheartened by facing failure any time .He died on October 18, 1931, at the age of 84.

Edison's successful inventions help us in our everyday life. The invention of the long lasting light bulb helped vanish the life of darkness. Today, we use light bulbs everywhere, including in households, factories, vehicles, and etc. Edison also created the phonograph and the motion picture for the entertainment industry and the invention led to much bigger and more complicated technology. I am inspired by Thomas Edision’s work since he is very focused and doesn’t give up.Edison conquered all obstacles even though he was deaf. This means that whatever obstacle he faced, Edison tried to pass it and stayed strong.

I am encouraged by Thomas Edison since he thought that everything is possible if you try and never give up, even if you fail more than a hundred times. Edison also knew that “Nothing can replace hard work, as it’s fundamental to success,” and if you’re not willing to work hard, you won’t even have a chance at success. Edison knew he was capable of anything so he was able to perform many difficult and different tasks, too.

As a student, when I do my math homework, I think of Thomas Edison since he never gave up and was always focused on his work. When I write, I was not able to write creatively at first, so I went hunting down for creative words. Likewise, Edison had a relentless search for a material to make the light bulb last longer. I had a mixture of words, thoughts, and creativity, while Edison had a mixture of observations, chemicals, and ideas. He was using his imagination, observations, and unique ideas to create useful inventions. When I do any science project, I try many different ways till I am successful, like the way Edison conducted his experiments.

Edison was known as the “Wizard of Menlo Park” because of his thousand miraculous nature of his inventions which radically changed how people lived. Human civilization and science are continually developing and evolving hand-in-hand, hence we can say that the modern world belongs to the age of science. Scientists inspire us to think beyond our life which can result in a great and dynamic way.