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  Khushi Shah   11 Sep 2020   3 min
How African Americans have been affected by COVID-19

Khushi Shah - African Americans are getting hit harder by COVID-19 in comparison to other ethnic groups financially, economically, and socially.

  Ramizah Tayiba   11 Sep 2020   2 min
Asteroid mining

Ramizah Tayiba - Current mining operations are destructive. Enter space mining. How can we extract materials from asteroids and bring them back to Earth? How will it be an improvement of current mining exploits?

  Reagan Smith   07 Sep 2020   2 min
Virtual and augmented reality in surgery

Reagan Smith - With advancements in surgery come increased complications and risks. Implementing augmented and virtual reality technologies reduces human error and enables medical students to receive ample training before they reach the operating table.

  Valeria Rivadeneyra   07 Sep 2020   3 min
The science of musicians and dancers

Valeria Rivadeneyra - The human brain is designed to seek absolute harmony, and each of its neurons has a rhythm. This is evident in activities such as dance and music.

  Famesh Patel   07 Sep 2020   5 min
The clock ticks

Famesh Patel - The Doomsday clock was created in 1947 as a way to indicate our effect on the world. Scientists wanted to show how far we were to ultimate human extinction at the dawn of nuclear warfare and it has been updated ever since.

  Carly Schinhofen   04 Sep 2020   3 min
Pseudoscience and COVID-19

Carly Schinhofen - The spread of pseudoscience and false information in our current pandemic needs to be taken seriously. The scale of the crisis calls for immediate action in ensuring people follow health guidelines and take the advice of medical professionals.

  Emily Richter   04 Sep 2020   3 min
Understanding California’s devastating wildfires

Emily Richter - Why are California’s wildfires often so destructive? Here are three reasons.

  Eric Bebenov   04 Sep 2020   3 min
Mysteries surrounding foreign accent syndrome

Eric Bebenov - With less than 100 medically reported cases of foreign accent syndrome, researchers are still trying to tackle the underlying details of this mysterious condition.

  Reagan Smith   04 Sep 2020   4 min
Viruses: Living or nonliving?

Reagan Smith - Scientists have long debated whether or not viruses are alive. In this article, we explore the parameters for life and see how a virus stacks up.

  Nellie Nguyen   04 Sep 2020   2 min
Fatal familial insomnia

Nellie Nguyen - Insomnia is a relatively common sleep disorder, but a certain gene mutation could have deadly results.