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  Emily Richter   11 Dec 2020   4 min
The importance of keystone species

Emily Richter - When animals begin to disappear, which disappearances impact their ecosystems the most? It turns out that when certain species known as keystone species disappear, an ecological collapse is its result.

  Reagan Smith   11 Dec 2020   2 min
Dual function: Converting trash to electricity

Reagan Smith - Copenhill, a waste-to-energy plant designed by Bjarke Ingels, utilizes technology and creativity to create a building that is environmentally conscious, provides recreational fun to the public, and shows the world what is possible when we break the stereotypical mold of architecture.

  Simone Rothaupt   11 Dec 2020   4 min
The reality of robotics

Simone Rothaupt - Robotics has undergone massive advances in recent decades, but what does the future hold for this growing industry?

  Ramizah Tayiba   04 Dec 2020   2 min
Aliens almost definitely exist. Here are the facts to prove it

Ramizah Tayiba - Humans like to put themselves on a pedestal of uniqueness by rejecting all claims that life might exist elsewhere. But math and statistics say otherwise.

  Famesh Patel   04 Dec 2020   2 min
The Golden Record

Famesh Patel - The Golden Record might as well be humanity’s most extensive attempt to contact extraterrestrial life. The Records contain materials from music of various cultures to greetings in various languages. These plaques try to represent all of humanity in 90 minutes so that any advanced space-faring civilization will be able to understand our way of life.

  Joan Joe   28 Nov 2020   5 min
Could gum disease be the cause of Alzheimer’s disease?

Joan Joe - One risk factor for Alzheimer's disease is poor oral health. What is not clear is whether gum disease induces the condition or is merely a consequence. A privately funded research has now verified that the bacteria that cause gum disease are not only in the mouths but also in the brains of people with Alzheimer's. The research also finds that the bacteria cause brain alterations characteristic of the disease in mice.

  Tania Firouzabady   28 Nov 2020   4 min
Memories and the effects of time

Tania Firouzabady - Memories have been a subject of interest to scientists from an early age. Understanding how memories function and change over time is vital to developments in research concerning the causes of memory loss, particularly with regards to Alzheimer’s disease.

  Satyam Mehta   28 Nov 2020   3 min
Dark matter: The most influential mystery in the universe

Satyam Mehta - Only about 5% of the universe is visible by humans. So, what about the remaining 95%? It turns out that this large portion of dark matter actually consists of dark matter and dark energy, and that's what we are going to talk about in this article; with a special focus on dark matter.

  Valeria Rivadeneyra   28 Nov 2020   3 min
Artificial neurons to cure chronic disease

Valeria Rivadeneyra - Neurons are an essential part of our nervous systems and bodies. Imitating one of them is a difficult task; however, thanks to science, it has become a reality.

  Ana Monsalud   20 Nov 2020   7 min
2020 Nobel Prize in Physics: Black holes

Ana Monsalud - The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics to three astrophysicists based on their discoveries relating to black holes. Half the prize was awarded to Roger Penrose, with the other divided between Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez.