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  Rachel Huang   30 Apr 2021   5 min
The latest innovations of Apple, Huawei and Samsung

Rachel Huang - Apple, Huawei and Samsung are the top mobile brands in the world. Each of these companies’ newest smartphones feature a unique 5-nm processor chip, 5G network compatibility, and similar implementations of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Variations between the models can be found as they deviate when it comes to camera quality, level of AI analysis, and in the case of Huawei, a seamless hinge that gives its smartphone the ability to expand.

  Emily Richter   30 Apr 2021   5 min
The bee loss epidemic in the shadows

Emily Richter - In the last decade, honey bee conservation has become a hot topic. However, native bee populations are declining rapidly as well, and even though losing native bees could result in an environmental disaster, the topic of native bee conservation is rarely discussed.

  Andre Lombardi   30 Apr 2021   5 min
Sci-Fi reverse human aging is now a reality

Andre Lombardi - For thousands of years, our species has explored and successfully implemented ways to improve life expectancy across the globe and exponentially evolve. Now, new trials demonstrate sophisticated yet feasible opportunities to further increase life expectancy in our interconnected society.

  Nadwa Atwi   23 Apr 2021   5 min
Handwriting vs. typing notes, and does font color matter?

Nadwa Atwi - Typing has taken over handwriting in many aspects of our lives, from work emails to texting and to-do lists. Although digital devices are an indispensable part of our lives, studies show that when it comes to note-taking, handwriting comes with its own perks.

  Arul Loomba   23 Apr 2021   5 min
Dopamine: The molecule that drives addiction

Arul Loomba - The symptoms, consequences and propagation of drug addiction begin with the brain. A chemical called dopamine plays a significant role in creating a craving for certain drugs that provide pleasure - a game-changer in the brain’s reward system.

  Rheigina Quijote   23 Apr 2021   5 min
Social media and its effects on mental health

Rheigina Quijote - We as people strive to get social interaction, as it is in our nature. We aspire to get companionship with other humans. In our time of technology and virtual social interaction, we find ourselves indulging in social media more for entertainment and connectivity. But what we fail to realize is that the connection we seek through the screen encourages the decline of our own mental being.

  Peter Bui   16 Apr 2021   5 min
Kepler-452b: An Earth-like planet light-years away from us

Peter Bui - Have you ever wondered if we were alone in this universe? That there isn’t a planet similar to Earth? Well, did you know that a whopping 1,402 light-years away, a planet mind-blowingly similar to Earth exists? Although conditions may not be parallel to what they once were, this planet is one of the best candidates of potentially habitable ones.

  Sydney Hollingsworth   09 Apr 2021   5 min
Purple sea urchins and California's kelp forests

Sydney Hollingsworth - Recently, the kelp forests along California's coast have been replaced by purple sea urchins. The forests' collapse could have irreversible effects on the diversity of the region. Luckily, there is a simple way we can fix this imbalance and restore the ecosystem to its former glory.

  Rachel Huang   09 Apr 2021   5 min
The genius of Bitcoin, a revolutionary currency

Rachel Huang - Bitcoin has been dominating the headlines of financial news sources and with great reason. As the first application of blockchain technology, all transactions are transparent and operated by a decentralized authority, the people themselves. As prices keep soaring higher, it is only a matter of time before Bitcoin may become a major form of everyday currency.

  Nadwa Atwi   09 Apr 2021   5 min
CRISPR-Cas9: The award-winning genetic scissors

Nadwa Atwi - The 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry went to the two scientists, Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna, who transformed a bacterium’s natural defense mechanism into a powerful gene-editing technology called CRISPR.