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  Mehri Sadri   18 Jul 2020   4 min
The art behind the Antennae galaxy

Mehri Sadri - The Antennae galaxy located in Corvus is created in a unique manner that can be observed and discussed through both a scientific and artistic standpoint.

  Ramizah Tayiba   13 Jul 2020   3 min
COVID-19 on the climate

Ramizah Tayiba - The COVID-19 outbreak has confined the majority of the population to their homes. This major cutback in energy usage has led to the biggest carbon drop in history. Despite this milestone, it is not enough to undo the effects of global warming. So what needs to be done?

  Ashley Lee   09 Jul 2020   5 min
The ethics behind the COVID-19 vaccine in the development stage

Ashley Lee - As governments, private companies, and research centers across the world race to find the most effective vaccine for COVID-19, it is inevitable for ethical concerns to arise amongst many scientists and communities.

  Carrie Shim   09 Jul 2020   3 min
How personality plays a role in behavior of individuals during COVID-19

Carrie Shim - The relationship between the personality and behavior of individuals during the COVID-19 lockdown is something important to keep in mind during this time...

  Ryan Liu & Albert Oh   28 Jun 2020   7 min
COVID-19 in the United States and South Korea: Why America failed in containing the pandemic

Ryan Liu & Albert Oh - As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches into its sixth month, many countries around the world are cautiously returning to normal life, attempting to maintain a delicate balance between public and economic health.

  Aaron Yan   24 Jun 2020   3 min
WHO Solidarity Trials: Hope is not lost

Aaron Yan - Throughout the search for a possible vaccine or cure to the quickly spreading COVID-19, over 100 countries have joined the World Health Organization (WHO) in its international effort to evaluate four of the world’s top candidates in stamping out the virus.

  Annabel Tiong   24 Jun 2020   2 min
Dexamethasone: The common drug's role in minimizing COVID-19 deaths

Annabel Tiong - A common steroid known as Dexamethasone reduced deaths in patients with severe cases of COVID-19 recently in Britain, the New York Times reports.

  Ashley Lee   24 Jun 2020   4 min
Reflecting on the past mistakes of the 1976 Swine Flu

Ashley Lee - Beginning at the end of 2019, COVID-19 has claimed the lives of millions of individuals. Currently, after more than six months after the first case was reported, scientists are in the process of creating and testing COVID-19 vaccines.