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  Eric Bebenov   04 Sep 2020   3 min
Mysteries surrounding foreign accent syndrome

Eric Bebenov - With less than 100 medically reported cases of foreign accent syndrome, researchers are still trying to tackle the underlying details of this mysterious condition.

  Reagan Smith   04 Sep 2020   4 min
Viruses: Living or nonliving?

Reagan Smith - Scientists have long debated whether or not viruses are alive. In this article, we explore the parameters for life and see how a virus stacks up.

  Nellie Nguyen   04 Sep 2020   2 min
Fatal familial insomnia

Nellie Nguyen - Insomnia is a relatively common sleep disorder, but a certain gene mutation could have deadly results.

  Sam Hronek   30 Aug 2020   3 min
Communication innovation: How COVID-19 has influenced communication

Sam Hronek - People need to communicate, especially during this pandemic, and many modern applications have helped people communicate worldwide.

  Nellie Nguyen   23 Aug 2020   3 min
Nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder

Nellie Nguyen - With over 80 known sleep disorders and a variety of different eating disorders, it can be difficult to understand each one. However, there is a lesser-known disorder that is an unsettling combination of both.

  Mehri Sadri   19 Aug 2020   4 min
Harlow’s maternal monkey business

Mehri Sadri - Harlow’s experiment with newborn monkeys is one that although successfully studied the mother-child relationship, has encountered an ethical dilemma.

  Emily Richter   19 Aug 2020   3 min
Chemistry in cooking: The nutritional changes caused by cooking

Emily Richter - Have you wondered if the process of cooking your food destroys or increases the nutrition value of its ingredients? Let’s look at a vegetable hand-pie recipe and talk about how it reflects the nutritional changes your food undergoes as a result of cooking.

  Reagan Smith   19 Aug 2020   3 min
Recent Salmonella outbreak linked to onions

Reagan Smith - A recent salmonella outbreak, linked to onions, has come from Thompson International, Inc. Let’s analyze the outbreak and dive deeper into the details of salmonella.

  Angela Zhang   16 Aug 2020   5 min
Quarantine's effect on pets: Quirky behaviors explained

Angela Zhang - Due to quarantine orders, pet owners across the world have been cooped up at home with their pets for months on end. As a result, many owners have been noticing that their animals are acting strangely and are wondering why that is.

  Ari Rednour   16 Aug 2020   7 min
The effects of blue light on eyes

Ari Rednour - In a time where we have been forced to rely on our electronic devices, the blue light our eyes intake has only skyrocketed with the increased use of electronics. What is really happening to our eyes on a chemical and biological level as they absorb this new level of blue light?