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  Nadwa Atwi   26 Feb 2021   5 min
Engineering bacteria into insulin-producing factories genetically

Nadwa Atwi - Progress in a scientific field depends on the availability of tools and methods that broaden the limits of experiments. This has been displayed dramatically by the emergence of genetic engineering.

  Mehri Sadri   26 Feb 2021   5 min
DIY snowflake crystals

Mehri Sadri - As winter quickly comes to an end, one must find all the chilly crafts available. Continue reading to access a simple crystal tutorial that uses a few simple ingredients found at home.

  Omar Dajani   19 Feb 2021   5 min
The evolution of machine learning

Omar Dajani - Machine learning (ML) is an ever-growing field in the tech world. It has had a great and prosperous developmental period ever since its inception, and it seems like it will not be stopping anytime soon. It is no wonder so many are interested in the ML field, as it has the capacity to be integral to Earth’s future development. When exactly did it start, and why is it as popular as it is?

  Omar Dajani   19 Feb 2021   5 min
All about phobias

Omar Dajani - There are many aspects of phobias that the average person would not know, such as them being considered a type of anxiety disorder. The world of phobias is ever-expanding, simultaneously being shrouded in mystery yet being understood more with time. Nevertheless, this field is still an interesting one, mainly due to the sheer number of phobias that currently exist.

  Emily Richter   05 Feb 2021   5 min
What is citizen science?

Emily Richter - Collecting data can be one of the most time-consuming parts of research. Luckily, researchers have a secret weapon known as citizen science. But what exactly is citizen science, and how can one get involved with it?

  Nadwa Atwi   05 Feb 2021   5 min
Antibiotic resistance: A growing threat to global health

Nadwa Atwi - The discovery of the first antibiotic changed the course of modern medicine drastically, rendering life-threatening illnesses treatable, especially during World War II. But the emergence of antibiotic resistance has reduced these medical breakthroughs to dust.

  Sydney Hollingsworth   05 Feb 2021   5 min
Mars rovers: Past, present and future

Sydney Hollingsworth - Could there have been ancient life on Mars? NASA’s Mars 2020 mission hopes to answer this question with its newest rover: Perseverance. The rover will join Curiosity on the Red Planet this February, following in the footsteps - or tire tracks, rather - of rovers Sojourner, Spirit and Opportunity. What have we learned from these Mars rovers? What could they teach us in the future?

  Simone Rothaupt   05 Feb 2021   5 min
Exploring social networks

Simone Rothaupt - Social relationships are a central aspect of human nature, but how do these networks benefit and harm our world?

  Mehri Sadri   29 Jan 2021   3 min
Starlink’s journey to 1,000 more

Mehri Sadri - Starlink, a relatively new innovation to space technology, is a satellite constellation with an end goal to provide accessible internet connection to individuals across the world. Though the number of launched parts recently reached 1,000, this is only the beginning for SpaceX, which has goals to provide thousands of more within the next few years.

  Famesh Patel   29 Jan 2021   3 min
The Great Filter

Famesh Patel - Fermi’s Paradox questions why we haven’t seen aliens before even though there is a high probability of seeing them. One possible answer is the Great Filter.