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  Carrie Shim   09 Aug 2020   2 min
Safety concerns of COVID-19 vaccine

Carrie Shim - Amidst the urgency to find the vaccine for COVID-19, experts fear that it may not be so simple. Studies have shown that there are various dangers that scientists need to be aware of.

  Benjamin Tang & Teddy Rosenthal   08 Aug 2020   2 min
The weak nuclear force and why it's important

Benjamin Tang & Teddy Rosenthal - The weak interaction is one of four forces that governs the laws of the universe. What is its history? Why is it an important topic in modern physics?

  Mihir Kulkarni   02 Aug 2020   1 min
A new frontier for the Arab world

Mihir Kulkarni - The United Arab Emirates successfully launched their first orbiter to Mars, becoming the first Arab nation to do so. What does it mean for the future?

  Patrick Nguyen   30 Jul 2020   4 min
COVID-19 pandemic: Lessons to learn from New Zealand

Patrick Nguyen - With schools, businesses, and events shut down across the globe, New Zealand was able to fight the pandemic with their effective system. But how exactly did they do it?

  Mehri Sadri   30 Jul 2020   4 min

Mehri Sadri - Zathura, a children’s book written by Chris Van Allsburg includes both science and art in order to create an appealing story for not just children, but all ages.

  Angela Zhang   28 Jul 2020   4 min
Napping technology: Where nappiness begins

Angela Zhang - Everyone needs sleep. But most people don’t get enough of it at night. So what’s the solution? Napping! And with the aid of cutting-edge napping technology, your snooze session can become even more enjoyable.

  Valeria Rivadeneyra   28 Jul 2020   2 min
Observing the gender inequality of COVID-19 through statistics

Valeria Rivadeneyra - The COVID-19 threatens to widen the current gender wage gap, as well as to exacerbate gender-based violence and generate new inequalities that women will have to face in their homes.

  Ramizah Tayiba   24 Jul 2020   2 min
COVID-19 on wildlife

Ramizah Tayiba - With the human population confined indoors, wildlife has become increasingly braver. During the lockdown, animals have been penetrating into urban areas without human interference. These examples really make us question our relationship with nature.

  André Lombardi   24 Jul 2020   4 min
Processing different odors

André Lombardi - You enter your grandmother’s kitchen...Ahhhh, the pleasant aroma of your favorite meal filling the room. Find out the astounding trickery behind how our bodies smell objects!

  Famesh Patel   24 Jul 2020   4 min
Living in technicolor: The significance of synesthesia

Famesh Patel - Synesthesia is an extremely common, but unknown disorder that causes people’s senses to be triggered.