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  Simone Rothaupt   05 Feb 2021   5 min
Exploring social networks

Simone Rothaupt - Social relationships are a central aspect of human nature, but how do these networks benefit and harm our world?

  Mehri Sadri   29 Jan 2021   3 min
Starlink’s journey to 1,000 more

Mehri Sadri - Starlink, a relatively new innovation to space technology, is a satellite constellation with an end goal to provide accessible internet connection to individuals across the world. Though the number of launched parts recently reached 1,000, this is only the beginning for SpaceX, which has goals to provide thousands of more within the next few years.

  Famesh Patel   29 Jan 2021   3 min
The Great Filter

Famesh Patel - Fermi’s Paradox questions why we haven’t seen aliens before even though there is a high probability of seeing them. One possible answer is the Great Filter.

  Nadwa Atwi   29 Jan 2021   5 min
Why is pain important?

Nadwa Atwi - Pain is a subjective and very complex experience that most people are well acquainted with. The human body is incredibly efficient at perceiving sensations of pain, but the truth is that not everyone’s endowed with this fundamental mechanism.

  Omar Dajani   29 Jan 2021   5 min
Overview of personality psychology

Omar Dajani - Personality psychology is an ever evolving branch of psychology. It also happens to be one of the most popular due to people’s interest in learning more about their own personality as well as that of other people. But most people go into this subject unaware of its complexity.

  Joan Joe   22 Jan 2021   5 min
The half-baked adolescent brain

Joan Joe - It was once thought that teenagers were impulsive and troublesome because raging hormones led them to despise authority, but brain imaging developments, which gathered momentum in the 2000s, tell a much more complex story. The teenage brain, it turns out, is nowhere near completely baked.

  Mehri Sadri   22 Jan 2021   5 min
COVID-19: A detailed vaccine timeline

Mehri Sadri - With 21st-century science innovation and unlimited funding, many expected a quick solution to the problems that have pierced the lives of millions. However, science cannot be rushed, as safety and surrounding logistics still linger during the initial inoculation process of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

  Tania Firouzabady   15 Jan 2021   5 min
Ancient stardust discovered in meteorite

Tania Firouzabady - In September 1969, a meteorite fell near the town of Murchison in Victoria, Australia. Scientists have recently discovered that this meteorite contains the oldest material on Earth: seven-billion-year-old stardust.

  Rheigina Quijote   08 Jan 2021   7 min
Chemistry behind love

Rheigina Quijote - When people go off and find that certain someone to live out their sappy romantic movie goals with, no doubt is there chemistry between them - quite literally. There are only so many poetic words and metaphors to depict this unknown desire. What better way to dive into the concept of love than breaking it down to the nitty-gritty scientifics?

  Omar Dajani   08 Jan 2021   5 min
The causes, symptoms and treatment for social anxiety

Omar Dajani - Anxiety comes in many different forms, with social anxiety being one of the most well known and common. What does this mental disorder entail, and what are some of its causes? Is it possible to lower its control over an individual’s life?